AutoTurn Digital Lathe Controller

Introducing handheld CNC. Automate your lathe operations without a computer!

No G-Codes or ballscrews required.

Machining, not programming. Just pick it up and start making chips!

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Threading Inside, Outside, Left-hand, Right-hand, Multi-start, Acme-mode
Tapering Inside, Outside, Morse, Jacobs, Custom Angles, Chamfers
Threaded Tapers, Balls and Fillets
Turning, Facing, Boring, Parting

Take a look at our user manual. It's got all the details on what the AutoTurn can do for you and how to use it. You can navigate the manual by clicking on some of the pictures.

The AutoTurn has been used successfully on lathes of all sizes. AutoTurn compatible stepper motors and motor drivers are available from a wide range of commercial sources, including Putnam Engineering. See Compatibility for more info.